Campus Cats / Cat Zip Alliance Happy Tales

Since February 2006, Cat Zip Alliance/Campus Cats has adopted out over 500 kittens and cats to their “furever” indoor homes or as mousers on farms.


“I wanted to let you know that Willow sat in our daughter’s lap for 15 minutes last night, then she sat in my wife’s lap for an hour, then in my lap for 30 minutes or so. She even dozed off while in my lap. She did not cry at all last night in the bathroom and I talked to her and petted her this morning and she seemed totally relaxed. I think that she is going to do very well and in a few weeks will be a socialized and a happy member of the family. Thanks for letting her come live with us.” ~ Jerry

Little Red

“Little Red is THRIVING. He plays with Walker and Jonah and the other day I saw him getting a bath from Logan (our shepherd/akita mix). Keep up the good work!” ~ Mary


“Just wanted to thank you again for Lola and let you know we think you & Campus Cats are awesome for loving kitties enough to rescue, take care of them, and find them homes. Lola B had her second doctors visit for more shots today and she is healthy and doing great! She has TONS of energy and loves attacking our other cat Casey. Good luck and thanks for being such a big-hearted person in a world that can be so ugly.” ~ Rose


“Here is the update on the kitten we adopted from Campus Cats last fall. Shadow is quite the “mini-me” to my cat Sherman, who loves having his own kitty! That loving feeling is mutual as Shadow follows him around and they snuggle together on every piece of furniture. Thank you for letting us adopt Shadow. We love having him in our family!” ~ Dennise

Oscar and Max

“Look at our guys! Oscar and Max both weigh about 10 pounds now (from about 1.7 lb when we adopted them from Campus Cats).”


“Ms. kitty… my other cat was a little put off by his arrival…but since then things have improved…. and the kitten is up and about…and Ms. kitty is starting to take to him a bit more…thank you for what you do for Campus Cats.” ~ Adam


Magic is now playing with all three of our inside dogs and has the run of the house. She enjoys lazy naps beside my little mini pinscher puppy named Yoda and chases the big cats out of the room but loves our old cat Tigger. She has been a wonderful addition since Rebel passed away. Thank you. ~ Terri


I just wanted to give you an update on baby Iris (who I now call Amelia)! She is loving her new home and we have all fallen in love with her–including my roommate’s cat, Nora. While it took a couple of  weeks for them to get used to each other, they are now best friends! Amelia is so friendly and full of personality! I wanted to thank you and Campus Cats again for everything. Amelia and I are so happy– thanks for taking such good care of her and for bringing us together! It’s such a wonderful thing that you do for the stray cats in this area–thank you. 
~ Haley


Here are photos of Sebastian – I’m glad we found him, and that you let us have him first, and that he and Liam have become buddies. ~ Amanda


“My girlfriend and I adopted Xander about three weeks ago and he has been a delight. He gets along well with our two year old cat, Posey, and loves playing with her. As soon as you touch Xander he begins to purr. He is a very loving cat who might have had a drastically different life if he had not been rescued and put up for adoption. The adoption process was easy and CZA was very helpful. We are happy we could help get Xander off of the streets and give him a caring home.” –Ben and Jessica


“I have a ten year old female calico named Madison. I have always wanted to get a companion for her, but it just never worked out. About a month ago I saw adoption information for a half Siamese male rescue kitten by the name of Luc (short for Jean-Luc Picard). I am a HUGE Star Trek fan and grew up with Siamese cats. I took it as a sign and contacted Kitty Crusaders immediately. Luckily, for me, Luc was still available and was successfully moved into my home within the week. He is a joy to have around, full of all that kitten energy and has the loudest purr of any cat I known. I am grateful for CZA, who made the transition for Luc a painless one, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to adopt a new family member.” –Kat


“Also, Taffy (who we finally decided to call Lucy) has adapted amazingly well to our family! The other two cats no longer hiss and even play with her (at all hours of the night, I might add). 😛 I’m attaching a couple pictures…she’s already gotten so big and she’s very sweet!” -Samantha