Campus Cats Program

OUR MISSION: To humanely manage and reduce the number of community cats on the UGA Campus through TNR (trapping, spay/neuter, rabies vaccination & other vet care, kitten adoption, daily monitoring and the lifelong care & feeding of any adult cats who are returned to their campus territories.)

We recognize the potential conflicts that feral cats can pose with regard to predation on wildlife and human health concerns (rabies), which is why we are using proactive, humane methods to solve the problem instead of ignoring it or using methods that do not work.

For additional information about the Campus Cats program or to report a cat or kitten seen on UGA property, please e-mail Kelly Bettinger, Campus Cats Program Coordinator at:

Never abandon a pet on campus or elsewhere!

Instead, give your pet a helping paw to find another good home. Take a cute photo, write a description of your pet’s personality, create a flyer and advertise on public bulletin boards around town that your pet needs a new home. Dumped and abandoned tame cats and kittens are left frightened, hungry, confused and often die…and dumping is illegal…so please do the right thing! You can also try the new re-home service from Adopt-A-Pet – click on the blue box below: